multipurpose tethered platform


Tethered Drone System

The powerful Cobra tethered UAV is a multi-rotor observation and surveillance platform
powered from the ground module via a specially-designed power cable. The tethered
design allows this unique drone to stay in the air for days at a time, providing
continuous high-resolution video stream from an altitude of —- meters, effectively
covering an area of —– sq km.


100 м

Maximum Operational Altitude

3 kg

Maximum Payload Weight

10 м/s

Maximum Wind Force

Fully automated UAV operation

UMT designed the launch and operation process for the Cobra to be seamless and user-
friendly. Just confirm the mission data on your connected tablet or smartphone and the
drone starts up with a single touch. The take-off, flight and landing process will take
place automatically, while leaving the option to intervene and take manual control of the
UAV at any moment.


Variety of payloads

The multipurpose fastener system allows setting practically any payload for the Cobra-T
UAV with a maximum payload of class-leading 3 kg.

A powerful zoom camera is the most in-demand type of payload for the Cobra-T, but the
UAV can also be equipped with a night-vision camera or a thermal imager, or a device that
combines multiple sensors.

Our technical team provides full UAV-sensor integration solutions and our customer service
experts will gladly help you configure the Cobra-T UAV to best address your specific
mission requirements.