multipurpose tethered platform


Tethered drone

Cobra is a copter that receives power from the ground module via a cable. This keeps the unit in the air for hours or even days.

The continuous flight time of the platform is limited only by its electric motors capacity (up to 45 days of continuous operation).


100 м

Maximum flight height

3 kg

Maximum payload weight

10 м/s

Maximum wind force

Fully automatic flight

All you need to take a copter to the air is confirm the start data and click the button on your tablet or phone touchscreen. Take-off, flight and landing will take place automatically. You still have the option to intervene into the flight and change to manual control of the copter at any moment.


Variety of payloads

The multipurpose fastener system allows setting practically any payload for Cobra copter.

The weight must not exceed 3 kg.

A large zoom camera is the most in-demand type of payload for the device. You can also equip the drone with a night-vision camera or a thermal imager, or a device that combines multiple sensors.

Our experts will gladly help you find the version that best suits your demands in terms of technical parameters and cost.

Full integration of any other equipment is also available.