multipurpose multirotor platform


Hybrid drone

Cicada is a copter equipped with a combustion engine and generator. Due to this feature, the copter is able to stay aloft much longer as compared to traditional electric drones powered by accumulator batteries.

Cicada copter is able to take aboard useful load in amount of up to 3 kg; thereby, it can carry a fairly wide range of hardware.


Main technical specs

150 min

Flight duration with a 3-kg cargo

3 kg

Maximum payload weight

45 km/h

Maximum flight

10 м/s

Maximum wind

Automatic flight of Cicada copter for a distance of 30 km. Perimeter guard, monitoring over oil and gas pipelines, power transmission lines, transport routes, state border, search and rescue missions are just a few application examples for Cicada copters.

Cargo transportation

Spectral survey and mapping

Security of mass events

Protection of property and territory

Fire monitoring


Radar carrier

Military drone

Destination pointer

Fully automatic flight

All you need to take a copter to the air is confirm the start data and click the button on your tablet or phone touchscreen. Take-off, flight and landing will take place automatically. You still have the option to intervene into the flight and change to manual control of the copter at any moment.

Autonomous Flight


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