UAV landmine detection: UMT collaborates with American researchers to present new method for airborne detection of landmines and ammunition

  • March 15, 2019

The UMT Company and researchers from the Department of Geological Sciences and Environmental Studies at the State University of New York, Binghamton, in collaboration with the State Institute for Testing and Certification of Weapons and Military Equipment, Ukraine, have completed successful tests of a new method for conducting aerial magnetic surveys.

Left: UAV-based magnetic survey system flying over a test range.
Right: Magpike, acquisition platform for MFAM magnetometer used with Cicada UAV.

This method involves a recently developed micro-fabricated atomic magnetometer (MFAM) based on the hybrid-powered Cicada UAV. This solution detects magnetic anomalies from the air with an unprecedented accuracy.

The experimental results suggest that such new inexpensive system may be used efficiently over wide areas both in traditional exploration geophysics and for fast airborne detection of landmines and unexploded ammunition.

The tests were conducted in September 2018 — March 2019 at the UMC site and at a test range near Chernihiv. They were intended to demonstrate the possibility of detecting various types of ammunition and military equipment, including simulated Grad MLRS rockets, large anti-vehicle landmines and 152 mm artillery shells, from the air.

Research samples of ammunition and magnetic anomalies that they create

An effective height for each type of ammunition was determined, where the corresponding magnetic anomaly was significantly higher than the background level.

No meaningful interference from any of the UAV components, including the engine and rotors, was observed during the tests. Due to its extended flight time, Cicada UAV is useful for wide-area high-precision magnetic surveys, which creates new opportunities in exploration geophysics and unexploded ordnance detection.

Ukrainian Multirotor Technologies (UMT) is a Ukrainian research and production company that develops and manufactures high-performance unmanned aerial vehicles.

«Cicada» is an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine and generator. Due to the use of hybrid power, Cicada can stay in the air much longer than traditional multirotor drones powered by electrical batteries.


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