Long-range UAV demo flights in US | UMT and BU collaboration

December 4, 2019
long-range uav demo flights by umt

UMT is excited to announce the first open demonstration of the UMT Cicada in the United States! As part of our collaboration with Binghamton University, we will be exhibiting two specific UAV solutions related to aeromagnetic surveying and wildlife management in New York State.

On December 6, 2019, the UMT Cicada will be involved in conducting an automated wide-area wildlife survey using a long-wave infrared camera to assess the growth of large mammal populations in the absence of natural predators across conservation areas managed by Binghamton University.

On December 7, 2019, the UMT Cicada will participate in a wide-area low altitude aeromagnetic survey targeting abandoned oil and gas wells on lands overseen by the Department of Conservation of the State of New York.

The joint R&D team is composed of UMT engineering staff and Binghamton University research faculty who will gladly answer any questions about both the UAV and its applications.

Fieldwork times will be determined by weather conditions, please contact us ahead of time to receive updates on this and futureprojects.

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